Retours et échanges

When ordering a frame from our inventory, in one of our collections, we accept the return or exchange of a frame in perfect condition within 10 days of receiving your order. The courier costs are borne by the customer when returning a product. When you choose a replacement frame, we will not charge you the shipping costs, as you have already paid for them once. Prescription lenses are non-refundable, but are covered by a quality guarantee if a defect should appear.

Each frame in the tailor-made collection of Marie-Sophie Dion is unique, with the client's name engraved on the inside of the branch, and therefore becomes non-refundable. And as the frames of this program are personalized, we will in no case be able to reimburse you. If the size is not suitable, or if the color does not give the desired effect, we can exchange the frame once, with another product from the same collection. This exchange is possible in person in one of our stores, but never by mail. So don't hesitate to contact us at the Glasses Bar to schedule a visit with our team of experts, who will help you get the perfect frames for your face.

The address of our stores is below:

3073 boul. Portland, Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada j1L2y7

401 rue McGill, Montreal, Qc, Canada h2y2g2

402 avenue Victoria, Saint-Lambert, Qc, Canada j4p2h9

3240 Curé Labelle, Laval, Qc, Canada h7p0h9

For the precise location and opening hours of our stores, please consult the following link:

We will not accept any returns on our products after the 10 day grace period has passed.

Please note that we will not be responsible for any additional customs fees.